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What To Expect At Your First Visit


We understand that your time and money are valuable.  When you come to Rush,  most of your liver transplant evaluation is completed in one day.  Our goal is to get your work-up completed and have you placed on the waiting list for your liver transplant. 


On the day you arrive, you will:

  • Undergo a CT Scan of the abdomen
  • Meet with your Pre-transplant Nurse Coordinator
  • Meet with your hepatologist
  • Meet a transplant surgeon
  • Meet with a pharmacist
  • Meet with a dietician
  • Meet with our social worker
  • Have an echocardiogram of your heart
  • Undergo a stress test of your heart


We will then determine if any more testing needs to be performed and afterwards, your case will be presented to the liver transplant committee. 


To make an appointment please call our office at 312-942-4252. For a successful visit please bring the following with you:

  • Past medical records 
  • Prior diagnostic test results 
  • Current insurance card 
  • Current prescriptions